Thursday, 20 February 2014

Happy Birthday Mr S With A Day Of Steam!

To you, happy birthday to you...

Watching the trains, Daddy and daughter! x

After a week of rubbish nasty bugs in our family and a Valentines non event ,we made a big push to celebrate my lovely husband Mr.S's birthday.

We both love old fashioned trains, I admit I am a bit of a geek! So off we went for a steam train ride!

Choo, choo with Little L. Her first time on a steam train and her first step back in time.
image courtesty of/

I love this line as each station is from a different vintage era, you have the Downtown station, the War-time station and a lovely tearoom and mini railway for the children.

image courtesty of/
The detail at each station  is amazing down to the old suitcases, the posters and even a roaring fire on a cold February day. I took this pretty pictures from the website of the platforms at it was a rainy day!
Little L and Mummy taking a ride back in time

I have to say I am excited about the Vintage Festival over Easter, which might be a good excuse for a trip back!

Choo, choo...Happy Birthday Mr.S...

Off to catch up and will be back later with some sewing news...


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