Sunday, 2 February 2014

My 2014 Project Revealed - 52 vintage crafty makes


Over the last month I've been testing the theory that yes I can produce 52 vintage inspired crafty makes under 30 minutes in 2014! So far, I've really enjoyed my personal challenge!

So here is what the first four weeks projects look like...

Week 1 was a fabric embroidered heart on a piece of vintage cotton using cotton embroidery thread in a long and short stitched heart. I loved the final brooch and can honestly say it is worn with pride.

So week 2 was a challenge from a friend to come up with a Spring-esque  Valentines accessory! I made this little brooch but in felt with a red stitched heart. Tweet-tweet!

and Week 3 was these earrings ! With a little bit of specialist knowledge to get the loop right, they were a 30 minute make from the #ccblogger meet up at The Bead Shop in Nottingham.

Week 4 is getting back to geeky quilting past with a Yorkshire daisy quilting technique which is stabbed stitched into a daffy trumpet with fabric petals around the centre.

These fabric daffodils looks great in a vase or as brooch to remind you that Spring is not too far a way!

and if you want to play along to please tag me on Instagram (@samanthajschofield) or twitter @createitsam.

If you want to play along with a theme I can share these with you, I have to say it's a pretty fun way of using up your little odds of fabric and craft supplies and enjoying making each week...even when life is busy it's good to craft!

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