Tuesday, 18 March 2014

DIY Shiny Hair

Last month I was chatting with Amanda  from http://amandainateacupblog.blogspot.co.uk/ about natural vintage hair treatments at the #midsblogmeet. It's something that I had thought about blogging about, so I am really excited about this post! 

Making your hair look fabulous and glossy from your kitchen store cupboard.

My Mum used to use this remedy in the sixties to have long shiny swinging, groovy hair and it really does work.

Take three sprigs of rosemary and add to a pint of boiling of water.

Steep until cool and transfer to a Kilner jar and leave to brew for two/three days. 

The water will change to a dark brown, gorgeous smelling liquid.

Wash your hair as normal and then after your conditioner add your rosemary water as the last rinse. 

Towel dry to remove any excess then finish your usual way.

This selfie is me after I left my hair to dry naturally and with no product on my naturally wavy hair. It was a Friday night after a long week, but hey check out the shine!

I love the idea of store cupboard retro hair. Love to hear any other secrets?

Bye,bye for now,

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