Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Two Years of Homemaking

So, I've been blogging for two years now about my homemaking journey as a new Mamma and leaving my career girl days behind. I've been hosting Crafternoon teas for a year and this is getting exciting now. Gosh time has really flown. I've chosen this picture of Little L's Christening as she looks so very happy and this was taken the week before I started blogging! As you can see I look very tired as she was still waking up in the night and also I was at the start of getting my teeth fixed so they look a little goofy here!

Two years ago I was blogging whilst Little L was sleeping away.I was using nap time and any down time to take photos and work my way around twitter and blogger! Here is my favourite post, this really cute storage for her nursery, an un-edited photo I just uploaded!

And a cot tidy to match...

One year ago in 2013, I was discovering vintage crafts and creating Crafternoon projects...she was sleeping less and I was looking at bringing my ideas to a commercial project. Also, I was getting a bit more web savvy with layout, pictures and working on the style of my blog a bit more...

Looking back,I've made so many lovely blogger friends over the last two years. I love to write and share and be encouraged by the blogging community (that's you!).

I've still tonnes of projects still to do and whilst Crafternoon teas is now a growing business and Little L is at pre-school, I want to keep on working on home projects and lovely sewing makes. I still want to do so much more!

So what will the next year bring...?

Bye for now,

Samantha x

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