Friday, 12 September 2014

All change to Crafternoon tea hostess

Hello Blog,

So after a few months of figuring out if I can run both a personal blog and a new business I have an announcement. I have  decided to set up a brand new blog for Crafternoon teas still full of craft, tea and behind the scenes snippets.

It's exciting, all the content will be imported to Crafternoon tea hostess blog  and it feels the right thing to do. I simply just don't have the time at the moment to give it the love and attention it needs. I want to spend more time on my crafts, see my husband in the evenings and focus on one super project.

Thank-you dear blog for all the time we have had together, it has been a great way of building up a business, creative content and my own online style. I want to see my little girl grow up and not to spread myself too thinly feels right. It has been invaluable posting on this site, but I need the time for bigger projects.

So I hope to come back here again, but for the moment find me over at Crafternoon tea hostess


Samantha x

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