Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Why A New Look?

Over the last few months we have moved over the web address to www.crafternoonteahostess.co.uk as we are growing and want to make it easier for people to find us!

So we are getting our look re-designed. I wanted us share with you where we are. We wanted to look vintage, clean and with a consistent logo so you can spot us at events, parties or when we are out and about.

So we have the new moody black and white logo to stamp onto our flyers, papers and cake boxes. Once it's here, we'll be making up new tags in the office.

We also wanted a simple logo that says what we do and who we are, the vintage type font suggests we use vintage machinery which we do in the parties. The typewriters come out at the bespoke Christmas accessory workshops and crafters can type in the same font onto fabric.

I did look at adding a motif but it just didn't look right.

We will still use the tea cup and thread which we have used since day 1. I love the pink as it's feminine and our audience is mainly ladies.

So look out for us online and give us a 'hello' or a 'wave'!

I hope you like our changes.
Bye for now,
Samantha x

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