Monday, 10 November 2014

Monday Moods Vintage Lace

Vintage Lace

I love vintage lace and living near the centre of the old lace industry in Nottingham I am always lucky to pick up some lovely old finds.

I found the lace (top left) a few months ago together with some beautiful lace panels (which I can image were up at an old Victorian window). They are huge and I will using them as a backdrop for my next exhibition! I did feel very lucky.

Lace as always been a big part of my designing and dressmaking. If I can fit lace into a project, then let's do it! The Crafternoon tea classes in fascinator making (top right) include some gorgeous old laces and lace fabrics from Nottingham.

When I got married I used lace on my own fascinator for my Wedding outfit (bottom left), I had to include this picture as it's really personal. This lace fabric was all hand stitched with pearls and with widows net then crystals added, it was perfect for the day. At Crafternoon classes, I share all my hints and tips on how you could make one to!

So if you are looking for that extra special Wedding accessory for your outfit, get the girls around and we can Crafternoon in lace.

Happy Monday!


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