Wednesday, 10 December 2014

December's Crafternoon Tea Parties...

Hello lovely blog,

Last week was a really exciting week at Crafternoon tea hostess as we had our first double party weekend! Hence a very quiet blogging period.

The weekend was full of our Christmassy crafts, boxes of vintage haberdashery, pretty fabrics and glitter!

 I packed up the Crafternoon cases and went out to meet some lovely folk that were all already to create vintage style fascinators and lovely Christmas keepsakes.

Our first stop was at a hen party in a new local bar, 'The Blacksmiths Lounge' . As the party was early in the evening, it wasn't too busy in the bar and the girls had half of the ground floor to themselves. We covered the tables with our protective covers so no glue or crafty mess found it's way onto the lovely decor.

The bar would have made a great start to an evening out in the city, it was nice and cosy enough to have a chat but posh enough to wear your best heels!

Over 90 minutes we made over 20 vintage fascinators! Everyone was up for a lots of laughs, smiles and crafty makes. With the party geared up for any level of crafter, I supported and helped the girls to achieve a perfect crafty fascinator for the big day!

Here are a few snaps from the evening...
Making Fascinators for a Hen Party!

The lovely hen party organiser sent me this email after the party....

"The Vintage Fascinator workshop for my friends hen night was such a lovely way to get everyone together in a social, fun environment and also learn a new skill. It was a surprise for the hen and she couldn't have been happier with the evening, the piece she made and how much everyone enjoyed the night!

Our hostess Samantha was so lovely to be around, warm, friendly and very knowledgeable about the history of fascinators and the techniques we could use. She was available for any questions and help we needed to also allowed us just to chat and experiment ourselves too and the range of buttons, beads, feather, ribbons, lace to choose from was incredible! Several of the girls have said that they would do the evening again and we are already planning when we can arrange something for next year"
So, after unpacking and repacking in less than 24 hours, the office was looking like a very healthy crafty (organised) and beautiful mess. Boxes and cases from one party stacked in one corner and the rest ready to be checked in.

Our next party was hosted at the beautiful Pickford's House in Derby. I love this Georgian museum and this was my last time here this year. 

This Treat Size Crafternoon was a drop in session around the gorgeous kitchen table. I think these hour sessions are a bargain at only £10 per session and that includes tea and cake. It is great that with the support of Derby Museums this event is possible and we can give you a taste of a Crafternoon tea.

Spring 2015 parties coming soon! 

Our table ready to go, go, go!

And the table is set for cake!
The tea is on!

Making Georgian Inspired Christmas Decorations

Thank-you to all the Crafternoon crafters, venue staff and suppliers for creating a great weekend!

Now, it's time for some Christmas trimmings at home.

See you soon,

Samantha x

PSSS... Have you checked out our competition? 

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