Thursday, 25 December 2014

Looking Back At My Christmas Week 2014

Pretty silver wreaths around the home with ivy and holly from the local castle grounds. The greenery from early December is starting to fade, so we wrapped up warm and went to find some more to freshen up the home.
My favourite Christmas recipe I use year after year is from the amazing chef Dan Lepard. It's a panettone recipe (isn't fresh panettone amazing?), I keep this cutting in with all my recipe tears from magazines. Am I the only one to do this?
We made a gingerbread house using the Ikea cutter set and then took it apart and ate it! It was really satisfying to use and fitted together with just four pieces. Our first attempt at a house construction! It took 12 minutes in the oven on the special heat proof mat in the kit. I would really recommend this for a Valentine's cake. 
The house smelt of NEXT festive spice candles as I wound down the Crafternoon tea parties for 2014.
I've been chatting to other bloggers about how special handmade mince pies are? The bought pastry ones are just like cardboard. On Sunday I held a family fuddle (party) and made these very cute pies for our celebration with a Christmas tree and snowflake cutter. On vintage glass stands they looked very festive.
On Saturday it was the monthly farmers market in the local town. We bought a selection of yummy treats from this stall. Buying local is always good and supporting small businesses in the area.
I realised this week that I hadn't handmade any Christmas gifts. Just bakes for parties and friends this year. So I use looked through the Docrafts Christmas magazine and found some lovely upcycling craft ideas. This tea light holder took just fifteen minutes to make using the Docraft's festive charms and buttons, fabric scraps and ribbons. The upcycled jars were filled with scented tea lights to give as gifts.
And my last photo is of our ginger kitty, all wrapped up by Little L for bed.

What did you get up to last week? Was it super chillled or crazy partying and festive fun? Leave me a comment below!

Happy Holidays!


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