Sunday, 25 January 2015

Blog Post I Am Reading This Week #1

I love reading creative blog posts. It's the first thing I do in the morning with a hot cup of tea before the family wake up. There are so many talented bloggers who not only blog about their creative adventures, they also share hints and tips to inspire others. 

I follow them all through a fab app called bloglovin , 
each morning I get emailed all the latest posts from my favorite blogs to my in box.

Here are a few I'm loving this week...

House Of Pinheiro's Upcycled Vintage Skirt

This post made me actually made me go to my local charity shop to seek out a vintage animal print dress to create the same chic looking pencil skirt. Read the post to see the before pictures and how this project costs less than a fiver.

I love Rachel's blog as it's honest, informative and an exciting sewing journey. Check out the blog for more posts here.

DSLR for Beginners


For me,  I am itching to get the time to learn how to use a DSLR. So, this post from The Vintage Good Life is a great start for me and fellow bloggers looking to take that next step into getting a super dooper camera.
   Emma goes through the real basics of working a DSLR in the post. If you have had a new camera for Christmas or considering it, I recommend getting techie in plain English with Emma. Also, check out the rest of her pretty, beautifully shot blog.

Productivity For Busy People


Creative folk are always busy and it's fab to see a blog post from Claire that covers this topic. It's close to my heart, so I left a comment. It's the start of a new series from a lovely creative blogger, so it sounds like you, hop over to the blog.


Crafting for Comic Relief


 Yes, it's that time of year and this time Comic Relief have included a crafty fund raiser with the folk at Mollie Makes. Read all about one of the pretty comedy crafts here.

The Mollie Makes bookazine is out on the 29th January, so with £5 of the £7.99 rrp going directly to Comic Relief, it's a creative way of doing good this January.                  

So, that's a little round up of my reads from this week.

What have you been reading? Leave me a link in the comments box below.

Bye for now,

Samantha x

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