Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Sew, Vintage Sew, a peek into my 2015 projects!

my pattern stash...

So tonight was the Great British Sewing Bee , I love that sewing is on the TV, prime time too and on a Wednesday evening! Happy days for all you sewing folk. Interfacing and buttonholes indeed!

Here is a little post for a Wednesday about my current vintage sews, sewing dreams for 2015 and old patterns I really just love.

*** This post was due to be published yesterday but after my engagement ring stone went missing (!!!) I've been a little out of sync. ***

Last year the lovely Marie hosted the vintage pledge. Follow all the vintage sews on #vintagepledge. I had a fab stash of patterns but at the end of the year I was left with my work in progresses and lots of makes for Crafternoon teas and my little girl. So hooray she is doing it again. I do have more time to focus on the sewing side of life  this year (as well as the crafty side). So I am creating my Crafternoon tea hostess outfits plus some special occasions too.

work in progress vintage makes
Here are my current work in progress patterns, a lovely tulip skirted 60's dress and some fabulously cut pants with a flare from the knee. They should be finished very soon!

some sassy Summer makes
These 1970's Summer patterns! How cute? These are for Summer Crafternoons and holiday makes. I love the flair and shape in the two dress patterns, they have lots of movement in the body. I am looking at some cotton prints to make these up in. Lots of new fabrics are coming in for Spring, so I am keeping my eyes peeled.

Baby and Wedding Makes
These lovely patterns are for special occasions, I love them both, but as I'm married the one on the right will probably be used as a bridesmaid's dress or for a special birthday! I have a big birthday later this year so have this pattern in the bag with a pretty back fastening bolero. I bought the pattern for my own bridal dress but as I was told that it looks like I was a 'second timer' in it, I put it to the bottom of my stash. What do you think? The baby pattern is for all the new babies that we are expecting in our family this year.

The Non-Mummy Coat
And, if I need it, how beautiful would these coats be in your wardrobe? At the moment I have enough coats but I can dream. Maybe for an occasion when I don't need to pick up my little one (and get toddler foot prints on it) or for meetings?

So, that's a little peek into my vintage projects for 2015?

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Bye for now,

Samantha x

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