Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Creative Post Round Up

This week, I've been reading a mix of home and craft blog posts with the odd social media thrown in.

I've been clicking on a lot of Valentine blog posts which have inspired me to create some heart shaped love-ly bakes,it's my lovely husband's birthday around Valentines too so double celebrations. Cake, cake, cake!

One for Love Birds

Firstly, as it's nearly Valentine's a pretty sweet treat make...

DIY abstract art macarons | Sugar & Cloth

I love these abstract art macarons from Sugar and Cloth, To paint your macarons sounds so simple but why doesn't anyone do this? If you know of some other posts do tag me in. Gorgeous! They look beautiful and such an amazing gift.  

Also, it's worth checking out the Youtube video (so romantic)write on your sweet treats too and wrap them all up. I love following this blog, it's fresh, inspiring and all the make are really achievable.

One for homemakers

I also love reading Holly Becker's Decor8 blog. I can easily loose half an hour just looking at all the inspiration for my own home and style.

Here is my favourite image this week from the site from a blog post entitled Motherhood and Messy Homes! 

OK, Mamma's this ones for you! Holly talks about being a Mummy to a one year old and not loosing your own home style. This is something I can really identify with, wanting to make over a home with a little one who wants your love, time and wants to play. I am sure I am not alone.
Holly features some amazing styled shots with a real Northern Europe pastel and black and white edgie feel to them. It's great to discover new updated looks. Do take a look.

And for the crafters...

Join #craftblogclub for 2015 challenge

 Want to start a new craft for a new year and have fab support from other savvy crafters? Join the girls at Craft Blog Club this month, this is a great challenge to get yourself better at your chosen craft or start a new one.

craftblogclub badge
Follow @craftblogclub on twitter or join in the chat every Tuesday 7-9pm GMT #craftblogclub

As you know I think my social media community are fabulous, if this is you *waving from my laptop*. If you want to join me find me at #teacakecraft. I love a twitter chat, so if it's crafty or creative...tweet me at @createirsam.

And finally your best friend...

Make your best friend for Valentines this super quick and stylish necklace from Mrs.P.  Stylish and easy to make you are giving the gift of your creativity,time and style. Oh yeah!

Have you got some favourite posts from the last week? Do share in a comment below.

Cheers for now,

Samantha x

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