Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Space For Creative Thoughts...

Dear Blog,

The last week has been a blogging silence as I've been on the mend after a little operation. So this post is about the time and space I had for creative thoughts and why I've found it great to take (unplanned) time out.

 It has been the first time since I became a Mamma that I've needed to look after myself and someone else to look after my little one. Very strange, emotional and really missed being a Mummy, it really was like I had lost my right arm.

home, cake
My favourite things; blues, patterns and china
So this post, is me sharing some inspirational photos from a few days on my own and unearthing new creative opportunities.

Taking time out makes you see the little things

So, whilst I've been getting back on my feet, I've been drinking lots of tea, dreaming of Spring days, planning holidays and gaining inspiration from the little things around me. I'm one of those people who loves loads of projects on the go, lots of creative ideas... I am sure I am not the only creative blogger out there like this.

Whilst, I was spending time on my own, I started to read the A Beautiful Mess Happy Home book. It's full of pretty doodled art on china and textiles plus many more really creative retro inspired crafts. A must buy! It inspired me to pick up my pens and doodle and sketch with the idea to put these sketches next on mugs or aprons.

 I used to sketch loads when my little one was sleeping (the pre-blogging days). I shared my love of Friday (and seeing my little one again!) over on Instagram with these pretty roses my lovely Mum bought me to say, 'get well soon'. 

This time away from day to day life made me realise that I'm not painting and illustrating like I used to do and I need to find some time to bring this back into my life. I love it and I am going to find space to paint and draw again.

It's a really interesting thing to do, to have time out, mine was not intended but it's made me realise that some tiny little creative things could be included in my crafting time.

Spring flowers in happy colours

There will still be place my other things in my life, like flowers, vintage collecting and spending time working on creative projects with my Little L. I think this time has made me think about what I love and am not doing. 

I love the picture below of my little helper in her cat fluffy slippers helping me pot on primroses in china cups!

With my fluffy kitten slipper wearing healper

I love flowers and now Spring is on it's way I want to start floristry again, even if it's just making flower decorations for Crafternoon tea party tables.

Here is my last post picture. This is where my love of flower decorating came from. This Parisian flower shop near my old offices in Paris. I used to love working in Paris just to see this shop! I want to make it into an embroidery ...one day when I've made my sketched mugs and flower bouquets!

Flower dreams

I hope this post has inspired you to take some time out of your crafts, take some time looking through books, Pinterest and creative blogs for some new found styles, crafts and inspiration.

 I am also grateful for all the lovely words from my caring followers over on instagram and facebook you are the best!

Bye for now,


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