Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Our First Derbyshire Spring Market 2015

A Vintage Inspired Market 


Sunday was my very first Derbyshire Spring Market . It was an early start and I've been working on the stand like crazy over the last week! It was great to see so many vintage inspired stalls all under one roof.

Here are some pictures from my day...

Setting up on Sunday morning, the venue was spacious and just look at that bunting!

Lots of sweet handmade treats for our lovely visitors. These are strawberry meringue buttons. We had new cards printed for the event with our new vintage stamp logo on.

Lots of samples as I set the stall up as I would do a Crafternoon tea with haberdashery and vintage finds.
And here is me all ready to go!

And the day got busy with some lovely people dropping by the stand.
We had strawberry cake, I made this one on Saturday so it was super fresh and smelt gorgeous!
And I need to thank my lovely Mum for helping me out on the day. 
Thank-you to everyone who stopped by!

See you soon for more crafty projects.

Bye for now,

Samantha x

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