Friday, 29 January 2016

Creating Better Pictures With MakeLight

This month I wanted to see what I could do with my lovely new camera. I've had it for about four months and my new years resolution was to get new photography skills. I took Makelight's  free online taster class. The aim was to see what I could get out of a class and if I could fit learning online into my days. I have never taken on a online class and was curious to see what it was like.

I have five lesson's emailed through to me over five days. I have to say whenever the new email came through I was really excited to grab some me time so I could learn some more.

Emily from Makelight talked through each daily class and gave us five small challenges to make us think about my photography, the subject, the light and the composition.

I found myself thinking of a colour scheme for the month to use over on my Instagram feed. Mine was pink and gold as you can see by the pics. The pink is the warmth of the Spring I long for on these cold days and the gold is a wink back to Christmas shimmer. Of course I wanted to some vintage in my inspiration so I found a lovely venetian glass Laura Ashley frame which I took the glass out of. I looked at the materials I would be using this month; threads, scissors. ribbons and arranged them in a snapshot to keep track of my inspiration.

The next thing I found myself doing is going on little photo walks, firstly around my home, then through the countryside at the end of the road. I loved it!  I then started to collect props for me to use in my months photos.  Emily was really clear and made each daily challenge achievable and fun.

Here are a few photos from the class.

My button lid box

Current sewing project.
My lovely loose skein tin
A frosty Derbyshire walk
Our little brook at the end of the road
Snow Day
After the snowy play
I will be subscribing to another class very soon as my next goal is to get more technie with my camera settings and start to use my tripod for shots.

Why not check out the lovely Adventures And Tea Parties  and her photography adventures with Makelight too?

Have you taken a great course this year, if so do drop me a comment!

Until later when I share all my gold and pink crafts!

Bye for now,


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