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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Wishing You A Happy 2016

Hello and welcome to 2016!

After a Christmas season of clarets, burgundy and reds inspired by the colour of the year 2015, it's great to start to work with Pantone's new colours of the year, pastel blues and pinks.

I love pastels and blue is still my favourite colour. I've a sweatshirt I bought 15 years ago that I still can't part with as I love the colour too much.

So hooray to a new year and a new pastel colour palette to gain my inspiration for this years Crafternoons from.

This year's goals are to develop more plans and more Crafternoon beautiful events, engage with Crafternooners online and a few exciting projects that I hope to launch very soon. We still want to remain bijoux and unique.

I'm currently developing a new and better website and new Crafternoon activities for 2016.

Thank-you for your support,

Samantha xoxo

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