Friday, 1 January 2016

Our Favourite Festive Family Crafts

Handmaking The Christmas Season With A Young Family
Don't you love December?  A crazy, happy, fun-loving month that this year has whizzed by this year. As my daughter has finally got the Santa and Christmas thing now (she is four).  I've been making Reindeer dust, gingerbread bakes and the odd Christmas stocking and wreath with her. It's been great but I've had to realise that I can't do everything. So this year, I decided to craft what I could and enjoy a Christmas that my daughter would remember with the odd grown up addition...
Here's our top family crafts of 2015....
Salt dough Christmas shapes covered in glitter for our tree was perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon, we made the salt dough and baked it then covered it in Christmas glitter. Not really as messy as it sounds and the decorations lasted all Christmas long.
Don't you love the idea of your own knitted handmade Christmas sack? I have to admit that even thought this was a child activity, I was a tiny bit excited too. We went to the sack making family session at the Framework Knitter's Museum neat Nottingham.
Little L choose the coloured yarns and knitted her own stocking for Santa.
We then knitted it on a circular knitting machine in the museum's knitting shed.
Once made and stitched at the base, the knitted bag could be decorated with bows and Christmas fancy dec's.
Ta-da! Our finished sack that we hung up on Christmas Eve!
Christmas wreaths made from all the evergreen in our garden, we collected huge bunches of ivy, greenery and pretty leaves.
After gathering the greenery, I tied it into wreaths with floristry wires and we found a place to hang it up in the home.

And finally pastry and gingerbread baking. Again and again...lots of fun and satisfaction.

So that's our best crafty family times of  Christmas 2015.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Happy Crafting,

Samantha xxx

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