The Wardrobe Architect - Defining your true style

Wednesday 26 February 2014

I've been working my way through The Wardrobe Architect project to define a handmade wardrobe for my new lifestyle as a Mummy and creative! 

In this post we look at what constructs your true style. Join in with me? It's fun to really look at your own style, if you sew or not and especially if you have had a change in lifestyle like me. Whatever your reason, it's a pretty cool thing to do!

I love this picture taken of Little L's Christening day as it shows all the essence of what I love wearing;
  • vintage floral patterns
  • white (all year around!)
  • pumps
  • pretty dresses with flair skirts
  • grey and pastel prints

So I've used a one of my pinterest board to show the styles I love. 

It is mostly dresses and anything with a pussy cat bow on (who can't resist a bow?). I would describe it as vintage meets quirky French boho with a quick stop off in Gap on route. At least I am honest!

So what is yours? 

I am looking forward to my new Wardrobe Architect posts and with three frocks on the go (delayed finish due to nasty bug) I hope I can share these too.

Bye for now,

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