Friday, 30 January 2015

Vintage Style Faux Fur Wrap..Stitch Me In One Hour for #JungleJanuary


Here's a post for a one hour sewing faux fur wrap.  I saw the hashtag on instagram  #JungleJanuary and throught what about a lioness fur mane...roar!

Run one up whilst it's snowy and chilly this weekend to give your coat that vintage look. If you are going to a special occasion it'll save you about £20.

Chic vintage wrap for chilly days
 It's ideal for any level of stitcher, so if you had a sewing machine for Christmas, this is a perfect first project.
wear it to accessorise a your coat as a faux fur collar
The Sew

Faux fur is a great fabric to use, I actually upcycled my wrap from a charity shop gilet that I cut up. It cost me £6 and I have enough to make two. The wrap is a rectangle of faux fur with a lining and two 50cm lengths of double satin ribbon sewn on the top. 

I measured around my shoulders and the depth I wanted my wrap to be and added on seamage allowance of 2.5cm onto each edge.

Or wear it as high necked collar

Faux fur is best cut with the furry side up, it will shed and look like you have shaved your cat but this is fine. I always cut faux fur in old clothes and vacuum up afterwards. I use a 100 needle as when you turn the wrap right side out it needs to take a lot of thickness. 

I stitched the ribbons on inside out and turned the stitched bag leaving about 15cm gap to turn. Once pressed I hand sewed the raw edges closed.

snow day

 I've been wearing this wrap, whilst it's been snowing (it was snowing yesterday whilst I was taking pictures with my lovely new tripod) and it's so warm and cosy. You can wear it nice and cuddly or off one shoulder or just how you feel on the day!

Let me know if you like the vintage wrap by leaving me a comment.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Sew, Vintage Sew, a peek into my 2015 projects!

my pattern stash...

So tonight was the Great British Sewing Bee , I love that sewing is on the TV, prime time too and on a Wednesday evening! Happy days for all you sewing folk. Interfacing and buttonholes indeed!

Here is a little post for a Wednesday about my current vintage sews, sewing dreams for 2015 and old patterns I really just love.

*** This post was due to be published yesterday but after my engagement ring stone went missing (!!!) I've been a little out of sync. ***

Last year the lovely Marie hosted the vintage pledge. Follow all the vintage sews on #vintagepledge. I had a fab stash of patterns but at the end of the year I was left with my work in progresses and lots of makes for Crafternoon teas and my little girl. So hooray she is doing it again. I do have more time to focus on the sewing side of life  this year (as well as the crafty side). So I am creating my Crafternoon tea hostess outfits plus some special occasions too.

work in progress vintage makes
Here are my current work in progress patterns, a lovely tulip skirted 60's dress and some fabulously cut pants with a flare from the knee. They should be finished very soon!

some sassy Summer makes
These 1970's Summer patterns! How cute? These are for Summer Crafternoons and holiday makes. I love the flair and shape in the two dress patterns, they have lots of movement in the body. I am looking at some cotton prints to make these up in. Lots of new fabrics are coming in for Spring, so I am keeping my eyes peeled.

Baby and Wedding Makes
These lovely patterns are for special occasions, I love them both, but as I'm married the one on the right will probably be used as a bridesmaid's dress or for a special birthday! I have a big birthday later this year so have this pattern in the bag with a pretty back fastening bolero. I bought the pattern for my own bridal dress but as I was told that it looks like I was a 'second timer' in it, I put it to the bottom of my stash. What do you think? The baby pattern is for all the new babies that we are expecting in our family this year.

The Non-Mummy Coat
And, if I need it, how beautiful would these coats be in your wardrobe? At the moment I have enough coats but I can dream. Maybe for an occasion when I don't need to pick up my little one (and get toddler foot prints on it) or for meetings?

So, that's a little peek into my vintage projects for 2015?

Please share, comment and tag me in #teacakecraft and I'll leave a comment back.

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Samantha x

Monday, 26 January 2015

Spring Treat Size Crafternoon Teas

Happy Monday! 



I've just been having a Spring clean on the blog. All bloggers need to clean out old widgets, bits and bobs. It's a little blog detox. Let me know what you think?

I have updated my treat size classes and about me sections if you want to find out how I set up Crafternoon tea click here.


I'm excited to be back at Pickford's House in February and March hosting Treat Size Crafternoons for only ten pounds!

Both classes are from 2-3pm

Saturday February 14th 2015 
Create Textile Jewellery

Want to make an accessory that's one of a kind? Then this class is perfect for you! Using old fashioned fabrics plus high quality jewellery findings to create your own jewellery. A perfect Valentines gift.
Book Your Place Here

Saturday March 7th 2015     

Stitch A Pretty Postcard 

With Easter just round the corner, stitch and sew a postcard style quilted embroidery. If you are new to stitching or looking for new ideas, this class caters for all experiences. We will be looking at embroidery used in the Georgian period that you can add to your creation. Looking forward to it!

Book Your Place Here

Places are filling up, it's a great chance to try a class with lovely vintage style tea and cake!

Bye for now,


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Blog Post I Am Reading This Week #1

I love reading creative blog posts. It's the first thing I do in the morning with a hot cup of tea before the family wake up. There are so many talented bloggers who not only blog about their creative adventures, they also share hints and tips to inspire others. 

I follow them all through a fab app called bloglovin , 
each morning I get emailed all the latest posts from my favorite blogs to my in box.

Here are a few I'm loving this week...

House Of Pinheiro's Upcycled Vintage Skirt

This post made me actually made me go to my local charity shop to seek out a vintage animal print dress to create the same chic looking pencil skirt. Read the post to see the before pictures and how this project costs less than a fiver.

I love Rachel's blog as it's honest, informative and an exciting sewing journey. Check out the blog for more posts here.

DSLR for Beginners


For me,  I am itching to get the time to learn how to use a DSLR. So, this post from The Vintage Good Life is a great start for me and fellow bloggers looking to take that next step into getting a super dooper camera.
   Emma goes through the real basics of working a DSLR in the post. If you have had a new camera for Christmas or considering it, I recommend getting techie in plain English with Emma. Also, check out the rest of her pretty, beautifully shot blog.

Productivity For Busy People


Creative folk are always busy and it's fab to see a blog post from Claire that covers this topic. It's close to my heart, so I left a comment. It's the start of a new series from a lovely creative blogger, so it sounds like you, hop over to the blog.


Crafting for Comic Relief


 Yes, it's that time of year and this time Comic Relief have included a crafty fund raiser with the folk at Mollie Makes. Read all about one of the pretty comedy crafts here.

The Mollie Makes bookazine is out on the 29th January, so with £5 of the £7.99 rrp going directly to Comic Relief, it's a creative way of doing good this January.                  

So, that's a little round up of my reads from this week.

What have you been reading? Leave me a link in the comments box below.

Bye for now,

Samantha x

Monday, 19 January 2015

Five Creative Challenges To Banish Blue Monday

sewing, sewist

So today is Blue Monday, statistically the most depressing day of the year. Boo for that and let's shake it off and look ahead to new creative challenges for 2015.

Why join in on a creative challenge?  

Most of us create on our own, in our homes after work or when the children are in bed. It is our time to be ...well us? I love when I host a Crafternoon tea that crafters share tips. Classes are great to join but we aren't available to catch up with like minded people. So social media challenges are fab to keep you motivated, keep you focused on your goal and a great way to meet new creative friends. 

Challenges really keep you motivated, improve your skills and build a on-line community and they are FREE or under a fiver!!

So what are you waiting for!!

Let me share some of my favourites -

For the stitcher...


 A Stitching Odyssey's vintage sewing challenge #vintagepledge 
 Last year, Marie pledged to make up a number of vintage dress patterns. Join in and follow her developments as well as the lovely sewing #vintagepledge community. Full of ideas of wonderful makes from other sewists of all levels, it will give you the confidence to make the jump into vintage sewing. And when you are hooked, it gets addictive.

For the creative...

DLP15 wk2a

Daire from Open Way Designs inspiring art journal dairies are prompted from the Documented Life Challenge, a weekly mixed media challenge for to stree-e-e-tch your creativity. 

Go and check it out, have a look through the what has been created in the first 18 days of the year. The ideas are fabulous. I followed Daire's journal for 2014. This year's won't disappoint I promise.

For the home stylist...

Featured image copy 

Styling the Season's from Katy's blog Apartmental Apothcary is a monthly styled shoot under a theme. 

Follow Katy and Charlotte at #stylingtheseasons on social media as others shared their (very) pretty styled shoots for the home and time of year. 

If you are looking for a photography challenge and to rethink how you decorate your home, this is a feed to follow and take part in. 

Your home will look like a magazine shoot within a few months. Perfect for decluttering and redefining your living space.


For a lifestyle challenge...

30 Day Challenge: Drink 8 Eight Oz. Glasses of Water Each Day #theeverygirl 

I love reading  The Every Girl as it pretty much covers fashion, home, beauty and much more for the modern girl. 

Each month the ed team put together a 30 day challenge. Follow them on social media at #teg30daychallenge . This month is about hydration, previous challenges have been about waking up 30 minutes earlier and delaying your social media posts to make more out of your social time with friends. 

I find it gives you time to look at your lifestyle and if you really want to do something (like for me make a dress but have no time available), these monthly challenges really make your find the time. 

Worth a trip to the site and a follow on social media too.

For the homemaker...

                                      Minimal Kitchen 2

If 2015 is your year to declutter, this is a bible. 

A monthly planner to get the house how you want it, get rid of the negative items in your home and fill it with happiness! We all need that? It costs around five dollars but well worth it if this is your 2015 mission.

Here is a sneaky peak..tempting hmmm?

January – Kitchen
February - Dining room

March – Living room
April – Bathroom(s)
May – Master Bedroom
June – Kids/spare room
July – Office
August – Basement
September – Garage
October – Laundry room
November – Closets
December – Attic/Storage

I hope this post inspired you to start a challenge tonight! I find Instagram and Twitter the best place to find inspiration.

Are you following any challenges in 2015?

Samantha x

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hello 2015

book, tea
New year and a bright new diary

 So, this is my first post of the New Year. I'm back into our new routine and back vintage crafting after a flu-y first week of 2015. I'm writing off last week and starting 2015 again.

The first post after a break is always a funny one, after a few weeks of Christmas and New Year holidays, getting out the laptop and typing is good. I've read on Bloglovin this week lots of inspiration craft resolutions; what to do in 2015, what crafts to try. 

My one resolution for 2015 is to do, seek and find more old fashion crafts, ideas, recipes and makes from the past. 

And maybe not hoard as much fabric and finish my WIP's..oh and brush on my photo taking skills.

My main aim is to inspire people to rediscover craft! I love every like, comment and satisfied crafter whom I craft with. You guys are fab.

My big challenge this year to take my stash of vintage books such as this beautiful Household Encycopaedia from 1941 and recreate recipes and crafts from it. It's going to be so much fun! Search under #vintagecrafternoon to see my progress.


Looking forward to this year. It will be fun!

Samantha  x

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