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Friday, 29 August 2014

What's in my cupboards?

 Pretty Tea Sets!

flower, tea,
Violets and Roses!


It's Friday and nearly the end of August, so I'm popping in to share some of my favourite pretty vintage tea sets we've been using this Summer.  All pictures are taken from Crafternoon teas this Summer, so you may spot the odd kettle, tea towel or cake in the background!

My love of china started about ten years ago and five years ago I started to collect in the run up to our Wedding.

white roses
I love white china as it really shows off the food with a pretty gold painted edge. Also, I take a peek at the stamp on the bottom as I like British made china.

Pastel coloured china in duck eggs, pale pinks and greens is probably the biggest colour palette in the china cupboard. It looks really vintage and nostalgic and compliments the rest of the china.

And finally my favourite!

And it's all washed up by hand so it doesn't crack but with patterns this pretty, we don't mind!

Happy Friday,


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Bunting Making for a Windmill Wedding

Happily Ever After! 

Last Saturday I hostessed a bunting making Crafternoon tea in a pretty village hall in Derbyshire. Each Crafternoon tea is always to a brief, it makes it bespoke, unique and personable.

The bunting we were making was for a windmill wedding in Norfolk in September. The colour palette was to reflect the sea and sunshine around the venue, so blues and yellows were chosen from the fabric swatches I had for the party planners.

I worked with the groom to get the colourway perfect for the big day...and the bride has no idea what her lovely groom was planning for the Crafternoon (exciting!). When she discovered what we were making in the big reveal and how much effort he had put in, she was delighted. This is what I love about my job making something unique for a special day!

Each Crafternooner cut out, stitched on our vintage Singer sewing machines and decorated the bunting flags whilst we served them a Derbyshire cream tea on vintage china.

Thank-you so much for a lovely day ladies and all the best for the big day!

Samantha x
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