Baby* Cot Bumpers

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Baby Cot Bumpers (*from age of 1)

Make your own baby bumpers with just cotton fabric, wadding, ribbon and some decoration!
I was surprised by the quality of baby bumpers in the stores and on-line. So I decided to make my own for two reasons, better quality and better design.
You Will Need -
.80 metre of cotton fabric
.80 metre of wadding (I used quilters wadding)
8 metres of 5mm ribbon
.50 metre contrast fabric (I used the beige spot)
Scraps of cotton fabric for motifs (I used the red)
.50 metre Bondaweb
Sewing thread
Let's Create!
Measure the size of your cot as each one is different.
You will need to cut three pieces which will be sewn together. 
Your bumper will be twenty cm high when finished.
Cut double the height of each of the three sides plus turnings. You will be making a bag for each piece to sandwich the wadding in.
 For example my pieces were -
 60 x 40 cm plus turnings (left side)
  60 x 40 cm plus turnings (right side)
60 x 40 cm plus turnings (top side)
Cut your wadding the same size (no turnings).
Turn the pieces wrong side out and stitch across the bottom side and up one side to form a bag. Turn and press then add on the contrast trim. Mine was 5 cm at the bottom. This has stitched onto the bag before wadding.
Insert the wadding at the side and hand stitch up the side. Repeat for all three.
Stitch together by hand at each of the two corners which will form the top of the cot bumper.
Take the ribbon and divide into eight. Take a piece and pin to each bumper edge ensure each ribbon has tails to tie it to the cot. Then pin down the join or the seam to hide any hand stitching for the pieces that are joined. Hand stitch on both sides and tie at the bottom.
I decorated mine to match the theme with rabbits and leaves cut out and ironed on with bondaweb, embroidered leave stems and French knot rabbits tails.
They are easy to wash by hand and for this price you can make about four pairs for the cost of one in the store.
Happy Making,
Sam x

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