Speedy Spicy Mexican Lunch

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Spicy Bean Quesadillas

When you need to do a super effortless lunch, these Quesadillas are perfect ...and ready in minutes!


You will need -

  • 4 Soft Flour Tortillas
  • 150g grated strong cheese
  • 1 tin of kidney beans
  • 1 packet of soft cheese
  • Mexican spice
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 red onion
For a meaty version
  • 6 thin slices chorizo slices
For Salad - cucumber and tomato with a cool blue cheese dressing - this works just fine!

Go Create!
Take half the tortillas and spread with the soft cheese. Then in a frying pan, saute half the red onion add the tomatoes and spices. Simmer for a few minutes and add the kidney beans. In a clean pan, get the pan hot then add the tortilla with the cheese side up, spoon on the kidney bean mixture and a handful of grated cheese. Add the top tortilla as a lid then flip. Make sure both sides are heated through. Remove from heat and serve with the salad of red onion,cucumber and tomato.
Mexican without all the fussy pots and chopping, one plate and served in minutes! Perfect when you are also feeding a baby as well as yourself .....and your guests!

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