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Monday 3 September 2012

Creating Personal Artwork - You can do it..


I have always loved to paint, from a little girl until I left university I painted a lot. For me, to get my paints out and get in the zone is something totally relaxing and rewarding. It is totally unique and created by me. It is different to a recipe or a sewing pattern as it is from my mind and I love it!

Now that I am a Mum, I really want to challenge myself and re-live my crafts. You really need the correct tools to create good art work. I always use Winsor and Newton for my paints. You need good paints if you put the work in and you want it to last.

First of all stretch out your paper. Wet your paper then stretch it with masking tape onto a board. Then sketch out your design on good quality art paper with a F pencil. I use Faber Castell pencils, Because it is a F pencil you can rub out your mistakes as the lead is so soft.

When you are happy with your design, you can then start with your colour palette. Take no more than 4 main colours as you can work with these. Be careful not to add too much paint onto your brush and use strong and defining strokes that you can then blend. I use acrylic paints that you can blend or watercolour blocks.

It took me a few hours to complete this design, once you are happy with it, leave it overnight before framing.

A beautiful, personal keepsake.


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