Moving On... a personal post

Monday 10 March 2014
Last week was a big week for us as we...

our first home together, hence the unplanned blogging break!

Even though moving on from your old home is a happy time, it also has lots of nostalgic memories, the Summer parties, happy holidays and getting our first little cat together.

Bradley posing for the camera, his first Winter with us.

This house was the first house Mr S. and I lived in together. We got married whilst living there, so it's on our marriage certificate and I fell pregnant with our first baby here too before we had Little L. We moved just before we lost the baby.
So this house was full of life changing events. Happy times, life changing times and times that have built us together. 
What is next for us...exciting times...

I am really looking forward to getting some DIY on in our family home, we need a new kitchen and maybe extend to make it a great room for living and eating / cooking in.

We need a lot of new curtains and the place needs freshening up this Spring too. Our family home is pretty modern but some aspects need to go and some look tired. Just the normal putting your stamp on kind of thing.

So looking forward, I am very much excited about more homemaking and less house selling!

Samantha x


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