T-Shirt Yarn Bracelet Tutorial

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Jewellery has gone big this season and on the high street it's all about chunky, friendship and pretty pastels. 

As it's kind of Spring outside already and I am not prepared with my wardrobe at all! 

This cute bracelet was just the thing to take my Winter wardrobe on step into the next season! I have tonnes of sewing on the go and this project was a nice quick project to complete.

I used Homecrafts t-shirt yarn which comes on a huge reel so you could make one for just about all your friends. I'm wearing mine with jeans but as it looks lacey you could wear it out for lunch or a night out!

It took about ten minutes whilst Little L was on nap time yesterday. Honestly try it, it grows sooo quickly you won't believe it. Plus the soft pink colour is really pretty for the Spring.  You will need -

 1. Make the magic ring and then on row 1 crochet 20 single crochet. (this was enough to fit around my wrist)

2. Turn and crochet 20 double crochet as your row 2 into the first single crochet.

3. At the end of the row cast off.

4. As the yarn is so chunky I created a loop between rows as I turned the crochet which can be used for the fastening loop.

5. Take your two ends and tie a knot around your bag charm clip and cut the excess . Stitch the ends into the crochet with a needle and thread.

And that's it! Your perfect leap into Spring!

Thank-you to Homecrafts for the perfect yarn to bring my wardrobe on step nearer to Springtime...

Happy Tuesday,

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