Upcycled Hearts Cards

Friday 31 May 2013
Upcycled Hearts, perfect for Weddings...

If you are like me and seem to collect scraps of fabrics for those special projects, you will love making these cards. I made this card for a wedding anniversary and wanted to use colours that the couple would like - blues, greens and lilacs.

Firstly choose your fabrics, it maybe a piece of a wedding dress or a old card. You will need a few buttons or pearls, an old book (try charity shops) and a paper punch to create the effect around the heart.

Cut out your heart shape and back it on some old calico or strong fabric. I glued mine, then glue to the card. Cut out a heart shape out of your old book and glue or stitch in the centre. I then got some seed beads and glued these to the centre of the heart.

For the scattered flowers effect, punch out your papers into shapes and glue on with sequins or pearls for centres. I finished the card off with a watercolour paint white heart frame around my heart.

Uses up all your scraps and looks vintage with the old book papers.

Happy Making,

SS x

Garden Neon #MondayMoods

Sunday 26 May 2013
 With the sun shining down on us today, I wanted to capture the trend for neon this Spring with some fantastic brights from the garden and from garden to oven too!

Look around you, sometimes nature can give us those brights too.

SS x


I remember back in the 80's when courgettes became available and Mum would cook this for us as a young family. So when my Mother-In-Law gave me a cook book that she had helped to put together and this recipe was in it, I had to make it as it brings back so many memories.

It is a simple dish to make with a rich tomato sauce. Chop up the vegetables and saute in the oil until soft, add basil, teaspoon of sugar and splash of balsamic vinegar. Reduce the heat and simmer for thirty minutes. Serve with fresh bread, lovely oils and lots of conversation.

Happy Cooking,

SS xx

My Top 5 Week 3 #sbtbmytop5

Saturday 25 May 2013
My Top 5  Week 3

What a lovely week away, I think the whole week was time for me so for this week I decided not to make time for five things in my life just the one.

I spent the week doing things I just love; spending time with my family, eating and cooking gorgeous food and being in a beautiful country seeing new places.
My main one aim from our week away was to catch up on some crafty reading! Hidden with the maps and toys I packed my latest edition of Mollie Makes on purse making which I am still perfecting for my on line store.

So for this week sit back and let me share a few of the lovely moments from a week in Italy...

Beautiful Buildings - where else would you get scenes like this?

Italian Food - lots of pasta in every shape and size!

And some shopping too...

The idea for the 'My Top 5' project came from Leigh at www.sixbythebay.blogspot.com and I have been following Poppy Fox who is blogging about her experiences at www.poppyfoxathome.com  

Take some time for yourself and share #sbtbmytop5


SS xx

My Italian Vintagesque Table Linen

Wednesday 22 May 2013
I picked these beautiful cotton tablecloths up last Wednesday in Tuscany at a street market for 4 euros. I would have paid more for them and had to check she was saying 4! 

One has applique and lace with cross stitch and the other is a Easter Bunny cloth which I am putting away for next year.

I hope that you agree they are pretty special?

check out more finds on twitter every Wednesday 8pm GMT #vintagefindhour

Happy Vintage Hunting! 

SS x

Liberty Print #Homemade Baby Dress

Picture Wednesday
Liberty Print #Homemade Baby Dress

My Top 5 Week 2 #sbtbmytop5

Tuesday 21 May 2013

My Top 5  Week 2 #sbtbmytop5

I wrote before holiday about My Top 5. It is a project where I set time aside for me and have 5 achievable things on my list per week. As a new Mummy time is not always on my side and as my role has changed so much since having baby I decide to join in!

The idea came from Leigh at www.sixbythebay.blogspot.com and I have been following Poppy Fox who is blogging about her experiences at www.poppyfoxathome.com  

So here is week 2,on my list was -

  • Detox my garden
  • Get arty!
  • Make a baby holiday dress
  • Pamper time for me
  • Pack for a family holiday

Sorting Out The Garden...with some help.

After a busy and very cold Spring we had a bit of a detox of the garden. I washed out the old plant pots and split plants and potting them on. There is a plant sale at the local gardening club in a few weeks so they are going to a good cause. Little L did her bit to help me out.

Card Crafting

I really love upcycling textiles and taking an old fashioned fabric and giving it a new twist. I needed a card for a wedding anniversary and so I gave myself an hour and make this heart card from antique fabrics and old books. Really proud of my efforts especially as we were packing for holiday as well. A job well done I have to admit (I am not a big one for self praise!)

Baby Summer Dress

I came across this vintage beautiful Liberty print fabric a few weeks ago and after contacting Liberty to find out it's name and date of print I set it aside for Little L's holiday dress. Time ran away with me and this week I put on my list to make it.

Check out the post on my blog. I even got a reply from Liberty this week about the project.

and here was the final dress before holiday.

Pamper Time

Going away is a great excuse to have some prep time for yourself and for me this wasn't happening until the end of the week. I needed to pamper myself; put on a face mask, deep condition my frizzy hair and treat my poor old feet after a Winter in socks. After only an hour of pampering whilst also baking a cake and packing (so not that restful!) I looked so much better. Polished toes, shiny locks and sparkling skin. It made me feel so much better and ready for a holiday. Try it for yourself.

Stressless Packing

I decided that the best way to pack was to give myself enough time and even when my little gem wears all her swim nappies at the same time. Breathe and start again!

If you are inspired come and join in #sbtbmytop5 and make time for yourself.

Love, SS x

p.s. I'll be on Instagram for week 4. Week 3 (holiday week to yesterday) coming tomorrow. I need some sleep after Little L's time clock is all out!

Back From Italy

Recharged After A Week In Italy...

Ready for some great blog posts this week from my trip including recipes, My Top 5 and some vintage Italian finds...

Here are some pictures whilst I sort out the cases...

Back soon with lots to write about, Happy Tuesday..

Love, SS x


Baby Liberty Print Dress

Friday 10 May 2013
I have grown up with Liberty prints and now I'm stitching one for my little girl...

So when I saw this piece of fabric I had to buy it for a Summer dress for my Little L.

I love Liberty and used to spend hours wandering around the store on Regents Street (before baby came along). The haberdashery department is so inspirational and if you want to get something timeless and high quality go to this department. It had a refurb a few years ago and is fresher and easier to shop.

I wanted to know the name of the fabric and Liberty so kindly told me it is called 'Cheever' and was first printed in 1989. I have to admit I am a fabric geek and loved it had a '80's feel about it.

As it had the elastic in the top, designed to make a simple skirt by just seaming and hemming, I thought this was perfect for a Summer dress in a retro '80's style. Just like the ones I use to wear as a child!

Here is how I got on, in less than 2 hours of stitching and sewing...

1. Measuring Up
Measure around baby's chest and the length for the dress. Add on 2.5cm for each seam. Measure your fabric and cut.

You now have your dress cut out and ready to sew, unless your daughter wants to play Seamstress too!

2. Seaming Up
I used the seams under each arm and the elastic top was bulky and would of been uncomfortable on baby's spine as she lay. Seam down the side, open the seam and zig-zag. Then press open the seam and stitch in a square over the elastic to ensure the seam is flat and comfortable for baby to wear.

3. Stitch The Hem
I pinned the skirt up 1cm, machined around, lost the ends and then pinned up again another 1cm and hand slip stitched the hem.
Here is how I finish the ends off with a pull through method. Take the loose ends, thread on a sewing needle and pull through to end of the fabric. Trim off the excess. Hooray- a lost thread end for a professional finish!

5. Making The Straps
Mum taught me this method, to pull the strap through. Machine the fabric together, then on the top right side stitch a thread longer than the strap. Thread the needle through the strap to turn it the right side. Here is the fiddly part, using your needle, pull the strap through using the needle to pull. Over half way through you can pull on the thread and it will all come through! Magic. Tack and the press. Stitch your straps on by hand.

And here it is...

I really enjoyed making this dress and inspired to do more! I may need to give as gifts as they are so lovely to stitch and I have the bug!

Happy Sewing,

My Top 5

Monday 6 May 2013
My Top 5 Week 1


I was inspired by MummaFox at www.poppyfoxathome.com to look at a 'My Top 5' for the week and see if I could set a goal of five things and stick to it for a week. Things for me.

Motherhood is beautiful, but also busy, tiring and time hungry at the same time. I wouldn't change it, just be a better juggler! Some days I think I have a few hours in the evening and Little L can't sleep or the washing needs to be done and there is my free time gone. I am not the only one, so the 'My Top 5' sounded a great project to get involved in.

So here is My Top 5 for the week....

1. Time in the garden
2. Next step to my online shop
3. Cook something I have never done before
4. Share my craftiness
5. And breathe!

So here is how I got on...

I worked out that for me to take time the garden even just to weed or tidy up, I needed to make sure Little L love it too. So we watered and grew some garden cress which by the end of the week seemed to be even more interesting!! Good start! 

Sometimes she wants to just throw gravel onto the seeds or play in the water but the whole experience is part of family life. Something we are adapting our lives to,so we don't stop doing things we love. Plus the garden is a little bit more presentable.

I am also in the process of making some beautiful vintage fabric accessories for my new online shop (more info www.samanthaschofield.co.uk). This week I set myself a target of making my vintage fabric purses for the shop.

Here is just a sneaky peek at my colour palette, my old fashioned sewing techniques (no glue here!) of making the purses.

I am really excited to be sharing these online very, very soon.

Watch this space.
I decided that to share my craftiness, and take a freshly baked cake to a party on Friday. I never take my cakes out as a rule, as I don't want to look a show off if you know what I mean? I don't want to say that I can be 'super woman' and even bake cakes, run a home, bring a little girl up, set up businesses, be a landlord... I am sure other busy Mum's get my drift. But after looking at the sad cakes in the shop, I went home and baked one in an hour and it went down very well. Sharing my craftiness. I even put it on my blog I was so proud! Well done Mummy.

I also wanted to cook something I had never done before, my husband is not vegetarian and even though he is very good and mostly eats veggie food I decided to roast some chicken for him instead of buying pre-packaged pieces that aren't great. This was a basil and breadcrumb coated chicken thighs recipe I made up. He enjoyed it too.

I also managed a family bread recipe also on the same night, using bananas and cherries whilst cooking the family dinner. I felt such an achievement! My list was nearly complete!

..and breathe!

With our lives with a Little L, I don't have time in the week (at the moment) for pilates or yoga classes, but it is on the list. So each night when she goes to sleep I take time out for myself. I visualise and breathe and then I am ready for a relaxing evening and am getting a great sleep as a result.

Try it yourself... Click here 

So that is week 1, the gardening, purse making and breathing really made a difference.

Go on try it yourself..Click on www.poppyfoxathome.com or follow on twitter #sbtbmytop5

Enjoy your Top 5

Sam x

#Mondaymoods May Day Blue

Sunday 5 May 2013

There is something so calming about blue and at the moment I have a sea of blue in the garden. The forget-me-nots, mascari and hyacinths are in full bloom adding a sense of tranquillity on a sunny and warm day May Day.


I'm Supporting GramArt #Community Project in #Tanzania

Artists & Makers - Why not join me and submit a piece for
I'm supporting the GramArt in Derbyshire as a fund raiser for community project in Tanzania. So I'm donating a mystery piece to the cause.
If you are an artist or maker local to the East Midlands why not submit a postcard size piece of your work to be purchased for the event? I spoke to the coordinator and there is still time this week to send a last minute entry. So go on, do a bit for charity this bank holiday . Details on the projects blog - http://dgstanzania.wordpress.com/
Thanks for the support creative community,
Sam x


Roasted Squash & Sage Soup

Saturday 4 May 2013
#Recipeoftheweek 4th -11th May

This soup is rich with a touch of sweetness from the roasted squash and the sage gives it a wonderful depth of flavour. A good combo for a Saturday lunch.
You Will Need -
Half Roasted Squash (I roasted mine on Friday night and stored in the fridge)
1 medium size sweet potato
1 red onion
1 large carrot
10 fresh sage leaves
1 vegetable stock cube
Half pint boiling water
Walnut oil to sauté with (I prefer it as it gives a nutty taste)
Let's Cook!
1. Saute the onion then when soft at the rest of the vegetables.
2. Make the stock up and pour over the vegetables.
3. Cook for 20 minutes until the vegetables are soft.
4. Liquidise the soup and add the sage leaves right at the end and blitz for one last time.
Great served with crusty breads 


Love to share other great soup recipes, let me know some great recipes to try?

Link up your recipe of the week

Happy Cooking,

Sam x

I'm a Guest Blogger on Make.Do.Sew!

Get Ready For Stitching - Here Comes A Wedding Project..

This week my Cross Stitch Wedding Ring Pouch  project was featured on Make.Do.Sew.  Little quick projects are my big thing at the moment and to get my Wedding ring pouch featured in time for all those Summer Weddings is a real pleasure.

I love reading Lou's blog as it is full of up to the minute crafty projects that inspire you to get your apron on or dig out your sewing box.  Grab a cuppa and take a look, I am sure you will be inspired.

So why not use up your sewing and stitching stash and great a personalise gift for the Bride & Groom? Click here for the tutorial Cross Stitch Wedding Ring Pouch

Happy Stitching,

Sam x

Party Chocolate & Vanilla Cake

Friday 3 May 2013
Handmade Cakes just like they are fresh from the bakers...

I decided to bake some cakes to take over for a Girl's Night In as I saw what was in the store all wrapped in plastic and well...fresh cakes - is there anything better?

So with one hour before going out and an 18 month old requiring tea, I put together this cake and yes it is possible and no you don't have to be Wonder Women - here is how...

You Will Need -

2 very fresh eggs
110 grams self raising flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
Half teaspoon of good quality vanilla essence
125 grams sugar
125 grams butter
25 grams cocoa powder
1 tablespoon whole milk

2 x 8 inch circular sponge trays greased

Let's Create!
Heat the oven to 170C

1. Cream together your butter and sugar until light.
2. Beat in the eggs one at a time.
3. Add the milk
4. Add the vanilla essence
5. Sieve the flour, baking powder and cocoa together and fold (must fold!) into the mixture.

Add to the trays in equal portions and bake for 20 minutes.

Cool and turn, sieve icing sugar over the top and carry to your party in cake boxes (available from Ebay)

Happy Baking ( those fresh cakes),

Sam x