Crafty For Christmas! 6 days to go

Tuesday 18 December 2012

As Us Mum's Get Busier Leading Up To Christmas ...


here are some quick ideas to make a lovely crafty festive time...

I just love this time of year now that I have a little one year old running around. Yes, some days are tough but she is so rewarding. Being a full time Mummy for the time being is lovely but tiring. Sunday afternoon Mr S looked after baby as I needed some sleep and catch up on some rest as I was getting runned down. Feeling so much better now and ready to get ready for Christmas time..Mums need energy at this time of year and sometimes being looked after too!

So as baby sleeps as we have been Christmas shopping, here are a few things that I have been up to on my sister site of my own name ...

With the countdown to Christmas in full swing, here is what has been going on...

Handmade Christmas Stockings are such a delight to make and so easy even if you are a beginner.Baby has this one on her cot.

Stamped Christmas wrap was something that baby and I could do together, she stamped and then wanted the whole set but it was fun for both of us to do. I will save a bit for her scrapbook.

Christmas Greetings cards was a friday night project as Mr S was out working late so I made the most of my time alone.

Christmas Bulbs have been planted and ready to be given as gifts.
Mince pies were made last week and yes I need to make more. The butter is out on the side as I write to make some more.

This is one of my favourites from this year  2012 Union jack card

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