Post Boxing Day Curry

Thursday 27 December 2012

When the relatives have gone home and you still have a fridge full of bowls and old veggies... 

..make a curry!

For me, Christmas was very special as I made my first Christmas day lunch, but with seven people for dinner the thought of running out horrified me. I didn't go crazy but made sure we had enough plus a bit more.
So this afternoon, I set about making a glut of curry bases to chill or freeze with what I had left. The spices in the cabbage and the sweetness in the onions was perfect. I started by sweating an onion , then adding the red spiced cabbage, red onions, parsnips and carrots. Reducing the heat, I covered the vegetables with boiling water and added a stock cube. after half an hour when the veggies were soft I blended the mixture. Then filled three boxes with the mixture to make curries in future weeks.
For tonight's dinner, I took four large spoons of the mixture and left it on one side whilst I sweated a white onion, added a yellow pepper, a roasted sweet potato and some mushrooms. To the pan I addded ground ginger and garlic powder and the curry base mixture. Cooking low for about ten minutues the spices infused the freshly cooked vegetables until the curry looked rich.

The rest will be chilled and frozen and I now have an empty (ier) fridge. A bargain dinner for post boxing day.

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