Hand Printed Christmas Wrap

Sunday 16 December 2012

 If you are feeling a bit crafty with your wrapping.....

... try stamping you own!


If you want to make your wrapping personal and unique why not try stamping your own with a few stamps bought on the high street and some brown paper from the Post Office?

 I really like the rustic look you get with hand printing and it doesn't matter if you get a bit of ink on your paper. Be proud that you spent the time doing it yourself so your presents look personalised!
 This year NEXT had some great stamps and they are all on 3 for 2. The paint was bought from Hobbycraft and a 1.5m square paper took about 15 mins to do.

I love the effects you get. Try taking a paint brush on the ink pad and dry brushing over the paper for a shimmer of colour or why not add a dash of gold paint here and there? Be creative!

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