Baby scarf bib

Thursday 6 December 2012

Once you have the basics right you can hand stitch, add ribbons or even use fabric paints to funk up your baby's dribble bib...

  I started to make this bib up as a Christmas bib then I thought what a shame to have to throw it out on three weeks time.

A very fast sewing project and great fun adding the end hand stitching to make it personal to your baby.

You Will Need  -

12" square jersey fabric
12" terry towelling
Sewing thread
Press Studs (hammer in 2 piece versions from Prym )

Go Create!

1. Take your Jersey and terry fabric and cut your fabric into a triangle.
2. Place right sides together and stitch around the triangle all but 3 inches to turn.
3. Turn the bib and press flat.
4. Slip stitch the opening in the bib
5. Add the press studs. hammering into place to that the press stud clips together as picture.
6. Embellish how you like - embroider, paint, trim - add your baby's personal touch to her dribble bib.

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