How I Wear 1966's Simplicity 6535

Tuesday 31 January 2017
United Kingdom

Today I want to share with you my most worn item of handmade sewing from 2016. After spending time sorting and clearing this January, I found quiet a few photos on me in the same dress.
The pattern was from my Gran's stash which I was given when she passed away a few years ago. I felt that I should make it is celebrate all the sewing inspiration she had given me. I have called it my 'Gran dress', it's so easy to wear and you can make it modern with pearls and a swing coat or make it retro with bright tights.
So here is in it's gorgeous old sleeve. I love all the illustrations so much. I made version two without the contrast trim.
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I made it first for Sew Brum and loved that it went together without any unpicking and resewing. The fabric is a gorgeous crepe I picked up in My Fabric Place . I was lucky to find a turquoise 22in zipper to match which made my day and I thought this dress is meant to be! Gran is looking down at me!

I made this in October 2015 and meet Tilly Button's in it last February ('16) where she had a sample of soon to be released her Martha . The cut and feel is very similar if you want to try and modern pattern with a vintage feel.

For me, I love the darts on the front and the dart on the elbow. Here's a few pictures from the last year..

vintage sewing pattern, blog post
It looks fab with pearls.
dressmaking, sewing, sew
                                            Shopping at #sewbrum with a grey wool swing coat.

sewing, dressmaking

                                                          Christmas 2016 with green beads

sewing the sixties
And it's perfect for picking for little girls!

Happy sewing!


Samantha xo

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Make Your Own Marbled Box DIY

Wednesday 25 January 2017

A big trend at the moment is marble. I've designed a marbled wooden box tutorial which you can also create with a wooden box from your local craft store, some nail varnish and paint primer in about 30 minutes. I got the inspiration for my box from Oh Joy! Marble Bead Jewellery. I found the link when looking for crafts for my birthday party last Autumn . It does smell so please dip in a well ventilated space. The effect is immediate and so quick to create.

For this post I've partnered with Parcel Hero to support their online auction for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Parcel Hero are looking to raise £1500 for G.O.S.H. this Christmas, so please do give generously to the link below. Thank-you guy's for sending me the box to DIY and then gifting towards the appeal.

For this DIY, you will need-

- A wooden box with a close fasten clasp (for dipping and the lid staying on!)
- Duck tape
- Three matt nail varnishes
- One glitter nail varnish
- One skewer
- One plastic bowl to dip the box in
- Paint primer or matt undercoat
- Fine sandpaper

Take your box and give it a light sand, Then paint it and let it dry before giving it another coat. When the box is dry tape the edges up with masking or duck tape so they are water tight.

Then it's time to get ready for marbling. Take your plastic tub and fill it half full with tap water and place on a protected surface.

Then add your nail polish starting with the lightest one first. Add a few drops of each and then stir with your skewer. You have to be super quick as the varnish dries really quickly.

Hold the box around the taped sides and dip it. The varnish will stick to the primed painted surface and ta-da it's marbled!

I let the box dry before I peeled off the tape and painted the edged with glitter polish.

And leave to dry before closing.

And my box is finished. I really love this technique, it reminds me of marble inks at school.

For other bloggers creations check out the #PHWinterWorkshop  tag on social media. You can read more about the Parcel Hero support of G.O.S.H click  here .

Happy Crafting!