Halloween 2013

Thursday 31 October 2013
Halloween isn't the same Halloween as when I was a little girl..
I am learning fast now Little L is 2. Halloween back then was children (usually naughty ones) throwing eggs at your windows and throwing fireworks. These days, it's all about children having fun, dressing up and having a party. It's fun!  Here is a few pictures from this weeks activities...
Happy Halloween,

spiders webs

felt pumpkin brooches

My Week On Instagram

Monday 28 October 2013
This week it's been all about children's party preping, Halloween crafty projects and getting some beautiful purses and fascinators ready for Open Studios at Banks Mill in a few weeks!
Happy Monday,

My First Children's Party

Derbyshire, null
On Saturday we held our first party for Little L, it was a crafty party with lots of hat making and bake icing and of course a tea with lots of cake!

We held it in the local village hall which is set in the local castle grounds, so the setting was perfect for a children's party, away from traffic on the edge of the park woodland. 

We played pass the parcel in our party hats and sang nursery rhymes before tea. At this point birthday girl got too excited, we hady a few tears so Grandma had to step in!

I'll post more pictures and projects this week.

For now here is the birthday girl decorating her cupcakes.

Bye for now,

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Pretty Date Stamp

Saturday 19 October 2013

This week I came across this very cute date stamp on my travels and wanted to share. It's from a company called Amy Tangerine and is perfect for card crafting, personalisation or logging your own paperwork!

Amy Tangerine is a creative consultancy based in the U.S and this line was from one their scrapbook collections. Check out their website for inspiration.

The rubber date stamp is like any other normal stamp, but you can add up to 12 extras to the date like 'enjoy today' or 'snapshot'. I really like it!

I had a play with the stamped card on my lap top and came up with this...
Love to you what you think and how I can craft with my new date stamper?

Pretty Layered Papers

Using Punches, Old Books And Pretty Papers...

Create textures for your card-making projects

With some old books to give a vintage feel and pretty papers, I set about making textured Wedding cards inspired by the book 'The Secret Garden'. This is a lovely technique to make, it's very easy and I wanted to share this pretty effect.

Using layers of velum papers painted with inks and acrylic paints, I firstly made up a large sheet of pretty punched paper and then tore through this to add a layered on layer effect. Being as creative as you want to be see how the colours and textures grow and run to give an organic effect. I just love it as it is unique.

The end card using the layers of papers
To finish off, I took some metal sheet, similar to gold leaf (but much cheaper!) and brush this on and sealed with glue.

close up of the punch papers

What I have is a card which looks like you are peering through to a secret punched paper garden of prettiness. You can even add some little keys to finishes it off, 'keys to my heart' with little tags with your spouse to be's name on.

Lets me know if you have any similar ideas to this one as I am always keen to learn new ideas!

Bye, bye for now,

New Series! Create It Samantha - For Christmas!

Friday 18 October 2013
Can I help you this Christmas?
Creating Christmas Projects - from your requests

Are you looking for a Christmas project?

Then maybe I can help you. I am looking for requests for crafty / sewing projects for Christmas. You might be looking for that perfect Christmas stocking pattern or maybe a great bake for family and friends. You maybe new to crafting and baking and want a quick idea to something a bit well...fancy!Well, I would be delighted to create the tutorial for you.

I stitch, sew, bake, craft (paper, soaps, gardens, homes) to make your crafts affordable and unique.

Check out my website for more info www.samanthaschofield.co.uk

Contact me and I'll get busy with your requests!

Bye, bye for now,

My First Food & Gift Fayre

Wednesday 16 October 2013
Derbyshire, null
Last weekend was my first Food & Gift Fayre. I was really looking forward to getting a reaction to my crafty products and workshops.

I took my little purses, gifty hearts, silver jewellery and samples of my vintage fascinators and creative canvases from the workshops.

It was a little rainy but we had lots of people around the fayre. It was better as I could speak to people interested in my courses!

Here are a few snaps of the day!
The chalk board with all my latest news on
Handmade silver jewellery
Fascinators that can be made in the Vintage Accessory Workshop
Lots of vintage inspired loveliness; hearts, cards and purses
Oh! What a beautiful view from the Hall. Great setting.
I used vintage tablecloths I have been searching for all Summer over thick blind fabric as a under cloth. The blackboards were great talking points too.

My Week on Instagram

Thursday 10 October 2013

This week it has been about making and getting ready for the Food & Craft Festival, Halloween & vintageness Chevys!
Happy Friday!

Until next week,


My Most Seen Cake Recipe -Foolproof Fairycakes

I wanted to share this post on the go from my phone as I seem to be having major updates on my laptop.

I am to and fro at the mo getting everything ready for my first Food & Craft Fair this weekend! So excited.

So if you are thinking of a simple baking recipe that is totally foolproof - try this...it keeps bring shared and shared

Foolproof fairy cakes recipe - http://pinterest.com/pin/45106433740208091

Off the pick up supplies and of course I will be telling how the weekend goes,

See you soon,

SS x

My Craft Space Makeover

Thursday 3 October 2013
And After...

Before... (the shame!)

Back in the Summer I wrote this post to find the right storage solution and working space for my new crafty business Samantha Schofield Designs . After a few months and various trips / nights on Pinterest, I think I have a solution.

Storage was my biggest problem as with a toddler she is into everything, I would see her walk out of the room with anything she could grab off the desk and this was not safe and not good for me as new business as I spent hours trying to find things.

So...I had a storage makeover - ta dah!!!

1. The scissors were put way up high out of reach on this cute accessory holder - no drilling. I like! I got these washing up shelves / crockery holders from Ikea for under a tenner. This means that now all my buttons are also high! Mean Mummy!

2. All my rolls of hat fabric, heat proof fabric (for coasters) and inspiring wallpapers have a space by Gran's old sewing table.

3. Each of my craft supplies is in a clear plastic box so I can find them quickly and they won't get damaged.

4. Anything really special (paperwork!, books and lovely beads) are on a shelf above my printer. I had a good sort through and got rid of old paperbacks and books realistically I wouldn't use.

So now, I feel like I have a creative space. 

This is a start and I feel inspired by my surroundings...one button at a time..

I know I have more to do, but this is my first step to home working and being more organised in a little bit of chaos!

Any tips, do let me by posting a comment at the bottom.

Zen has returned to my work space...for the time being anyway!

Happy Crafting,