Pretty Layered Papers

Saturday 19 October 2013

Using Punches, Old Books And Pretty Papers...

Create textures for your card-making projects

With some old books to give a vintage feel and pretty papers, I set about making textured Wedding cards inspired by the book 'The Secret Garden'. This is a lovely technique to make, it's very easy and I wanted to share this pretty effect.

Using layers of velum papers painted with inks and acrylic paints, I firstly made up a large sheet of pretty punched paper and then tore through this to add a layered on layer effect. Being as creative as you want to be see how the colours and textures grow and run to give an organic effect. I just love it as it is unique.

The end card using the layers of papers
To finish off, I took some metal sheet, similar to gold leaf (but much cheaper!) and brush this on and sealed with glue.

close up of the punch papers

What I have is a card which looks like you are peering through to a secret punched paper garden of prettiness. You can even add some little keys to finishes it off, 'keys to my heart' with little tags with your spouse to be's name on.

Lets me know if you have any similar ideas to this one as I am always keen to learn new ideas!

Bye, bye for now,

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