My Craft Space Makeover

Thursday 3 October 2013
And After...

Before... (the shame!)

Back in the Summer I wrote this post to find the right storage solution and working space for my new crafty business Samantha Schofield Designs . After a few months and various trips / nights on Pinterest, I think I have a solution.

Storage was my biggest problem as with a toddler she is into everything, I would see her walk out of the room with anything she could grab off the desk and this was not safe and not good for me as new business as I spent hours trying to find things.

So...I had a storage makeover - ta dah!!!

1. The scissors were put way up high out of reach on this cute accessory holder - no drilling. I like! I got these washing up shelves / crockery holders from Ikea for under a tenner. This means that now all my buttons are also high! Mean Mummy!

2. All my rolls of hat fabric, heat proof fabric (for coasters) and inspiring wallpapers have a space by Gran's old sewing table.

3. Each of my craft supplies is in a clear plastic box so I can find them quickly and they won't get damaged.

4. Anything really special (paperwork!, books and lovely beads) are on a shelf above my printer. I had a good sort through and got rid of old paperbacks and books realistically I wouldn't use.

So now, I feel like I have a creative space. 

This is a start and I feel inspired by my button at a time..

I know I have more to do, but this is my first step to home working and being more organised in a little bit of chaos!

Any tips, do let me by posting a comment at the bottom.

Zen has returned to my work space...for the time being anyway!

Happy Crafting,

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