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A Little Bit About Me....
  My name is Samantha Schofield and I love old fashioned vintage crafts. This is my blogging space where I share my love of making, collecting old fashioned craft ideas and creating a happy home.

I am proud Mamma to Little Miss Crafternoon, and wife to Mr.S. We live in Derbyshire, UK which we both love for this countryside, culture, heritage and  closeness to cities of Nottingham and Derby.

I'm a textile product designer and graduated with a BA(hons)in textile design and PGC retail. I have worked as a homeware buyer in London, a textile product manager and a marketing manager also in the crafts industry. I even was a guest presenter on a UK Craft T.V. channel.

These days, I am focusing my time on developing Crafternoon Tea Hostess the conpany I founded in 2013 and bring up my family to old fashioned homely values.

Crafternoon Tea Hostess....

Two years ago, I was a new Mummy to baby L and wanting to start a new little business which followed my passion for crafts, tea and cakes. I came up with the idea for Crafternoon teas, my husband supported me and off I went!

In August 2013, Crafternoon teas were born! It was so exciting when the first group crafters came through the doors.

In May 2014, I got the go ahead to serve tea and cake created in my own kitchen in Derbyshire. Previously, I had just been working with tea shops but wanted to offer the whole service.

In December 2014 with over 100 Crafternoon-ers through our pop up doors in less than 10 months, it was great to see the passion and excitment there is for vintage crafts.

I hope my passion for the subject shines through my blog.

Leave me comment as I love to chat!


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