Wardrobe Architect First Post!

Thursday 6 February 2014

I was reading the lovely Sally's blog the other night and came across the Wardrobe Architect project from www.coletterie.com.   Now this is just what I need to kick start my sewing and start in a new direction for 2014.

I love sewing, no wait..I adore sewing. I made my first garment, a gathered high waisted skirt 25 years ago on my Mum's sewing machine. Since then I've made most things, but now I have to admit I'm in a sewing rut and need to review my projects and styles. 

My aim is ...
  • to wear what I make 
  • to get back into wearing handmade clothes 
  • sew for everyday garments that I love!

The Wardrobe Architect makes your re-look at your wardrobe and aims to craft 'a small wardrobe to reflect who you are'.

So... in my sewing therapy I decided to pull out of my wardrobe the items that I had recently made, shoot them and take stock of where I am and think of where I want to get to!

After sewing my wedding dress in 2010, I've moved house, had a baby and started my own creative business  phew! So I've sewed a few maternity style dresses, feeding dresses (this is me in the pic above with Little L in my feeding occasional dress) and a lot of  baby clothes in the last few years.

But sadly nothing for myself, I think that it is the change in body shape after having a child and thinking that I would only wear something 'not that special' as baby might be sick etc etc on it! So as you can see I have had a lot going on and maybe lacking in everyday sew confidence?

So after getting out of my wardrobe my staple tunic dresses, strapless evening dresses and silk shrugs, I now need to sew an everyday wardrobe for my new lifestyle...

I need -
  • Wrap around jersey dresses
  • A line skirts
  • Cute casual tunic dresses
  • Smart classic work dress
  • Dressy occasional dress 
  • Spring jacket
Ok, so I have six projects! 

Next to find some patterns, so I went through my stash and found these...

It's a mix of vintage dresses from the '60's and '70's to a simple quick skirt to the two modern occasion dresses with a late '50's, early '60's line.

I hope that through the project I can answer the pieces to put together a wearable wardrobe for me.

Are you joining me?

Happy Thursday,

Samantha x

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