Baby Cot Storage Hanger

Friday 7 September 2012

For All Those Baby Bits In One Place...


Baby storage made easy with a easy to make cot is how..


You will need

Canvas Fabric 1.75 m x 40cm
Cream thread for stitching . always use Gutermann
Contrast Fabric - 100% cotton. We used Red. 40 x 40cm
Sewing Scissors
Bondaweb Buy from John Lewis
Greaseproof paper 40 cm square
1m green 10mm double faced satin ribbon. We used green
Embroidery Threads . We used green and white
Embroidery Needle


Go Create!

Cut out the two panels in the canvas 40cm x 75cm and four panels 40cm x 23cm. Firstly make the backing panel by sewing the panels together wrong sides together and turn the right way. Press and hand stitch the open side together.
Take two of the smaller panels, make these the same was as the backing panel. Attach these panels width ways as per the picture to make two pockets. Double stitch to form a very secure pocket.
Take your contrast fabric and take two images, we picked a rabbit and a swallow. Trace your image out a magazine or book onto your greaseproof paper. Cut out and then place and pin on the fabric and cut out. Take the fabric and on the wrong side add bondaweb as per packet instructions.
Iron on your motifs onto your hanger. To make the leaves, iron the ribbon onto bondaweb, then cut out the leaf shape and iron on.
Embroider on some personal stitching to finish it off. So cute and personal. We used satin stitches in green and a few french knots on the rabbit tales.
Add the ties on to the tops to tie onto the cot using double stitching on the sewing machine and your done!
These cot storage hangers cost about £20 in stores. Yours will be personal and oh so handy to a new Mum.
I am using mine for nappies and the occasional toy!


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