I love you stitched card

Sunday 30 September 2012

Ti Amo (I love you) in Italian


This card was created as a thank-you for a lovely holiday, our first as a family. Sew simple with a bit of embroidery thread, linen fabric and confidence!

I have made this design with a free flowing back stitch just to show how easy it is..it is about you and your creativity!

I basic stitches can be found through the Embroiderers Guild a step by step starter for beginners..

You Will Need  - 

Natural linen fabric 10cm square
Contrast red fabric 10cm square
Embroidery thread in blanc/white
Embroidery Needle
Embroidery scissors I always use the scissors with the orange handles from fiskars
Paper craft card and envelope in white
Bondaweb 20cm square
Try for all your haberdashery supplies -

Go Create!

  1. This card is really easy to make with the wonders of bondaweb and embroidery threads! Cut out the linen fabric to a 10cm square and fray the edges to make the design look rustic.
  2. Cut out 3small hearts and 1 large heart and arrange on the fabric until you are happy with the size and shapes.
  3. Take the bondaweb and iron on the hearts.
  4. Iron on the hearts to the linen to your size and pattern.
  5. Take your embroidery thread and take 2 strands. Embroider the words as per photo and ensure the ends of the threads are hidden.
  6. Take the double sided tape and stick the linen to the front of the card.

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