A Busy DIY Week in the Kitchen..

Sunday 2 September 2012

..But still time for creating...just..

I am pleased that after a stressful week and a half, our new kitchen floor is completed. Everything takes twice as long with a young baby! So we have had some quick dinners this week or a very slow dinner which has been left in the oven for a few hours. Next the bathroom but first we need a rest.

So this week, we have had two first birthday's, a friend moving house, wedding anniversaries and a adult birthday! Wow! All in one week. Here is the bunting we made (my daughter helped which was lovely) in twenty minutes.

It seems bunting is everywhere...

A few weeks ago, I challenged myself to use the following

 ....so I created for a start ..baby bunting.


Baby Bunting

I made this with help from my ten month old daughter. She helped with the stamping which was fun!

You will need -

To make the flowers-
2 Contrast Papers (you can use double sided papers) Try http://www.docrafts.com
A Flower Punch.Try http://www.papercellar.com

Tea and Cakes rubberised stickers from http://www.accessorize.com/
Pearl Sequins Try http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/
Bunting Flag Card Try http://www.craftuk.net/
Ink Pad in translucent /pale green and red. www.hamptonart.com

1 metre of pale green ribbon 3mm wide
Strong adhesive for paper to fabric
Paper Glue 

Go Create!

Take your bunting triangles and lay them in front of you wrong side up. Glue the ribbon on and then turn when dry.
Take the ink pad and stamp onto the bunting squares.Then take your papers and stamp out the flowers and add to the bunting. Then cut out the name or message to adorn your square. We photocopied the letters from a book then blew them up 175% on the printer. Cut out and then cut out in a matching paper. The papers were of the same colour and theme.
Add on the sticker.
Repeat for all bunting squares.
We wrote a message on the reverse to wish happy birthday, then wrapped it up in brown paper.

A simple message to hang up in the house. Refreshingly different from a classic card.

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