Late Summer Self Seeding Garden

Friday 31 August 2012

 Easy Self Seeding Garden

Perfect for new mums..
When I was five months pregnant with Baby L, we have a good push at sorting out our new garden. By planting seeding and plants that self seed, we have been able to enjoy a lovely country garden and yes our own micro climate.
We have planted a lot of Verbena and this attracts bumble bees and butterflies. Poppies were very easy to scatter and then after they flowered, then they just plant themselves. The trouble with poppies is that once they past flowering, the best thing to do is to dig them up, save the seeds for next year (either scatter or save in a envelope). So I plant in pots summer flowering bulbs so that once the poppies die back, simply add the bulbs from the pots. I just tip the pot upside down and empty the bulbs into my hands, tease out some of the roots and plant in the boards.
Who knows and yes an instant garden!

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