I Just Love Silversmithing..

Wednesday 29 August 2012


There is something special about handmade precious metal gifts...

For me, the ultimate crafting therapy is to take a class. I have been so lucky that in the early months of motherhood my husband has supported me to go and take a class, get out of the home and make something at the same time. So when Baby L was 10 weeks old I went back to college and it really was therapy for me and Daddy got to spend time with his little one.

Most design colleges and adult education colleges do jewellery courses. Some art galleries do them as well. The adult ed. colleges are the cheapest but have all the appliances and materials on tap, they may not be the most glamorous but are the best value. And most honest with your work to get the most out of your creativity!

I always go to www.cooksons.co.uk for my silver and tools. Set yourself a budget, as once you get on line you can go on and on! Mine is £30.

These cuff links are made from domed stirling silver (925 silver) with a handmade gold ball in the middle. Once you get the hang of soldering and cutting - let your imagination go wild!

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