Pretty Summer Flower Arrangements

Sunday 19 August 2012


Perfect for a Summer Table....

I was thinking of buying flowers in the supermarket on Friday, then I thought, wait a minute why are you buying them when you have spent all that time and love and money on a beautiful garden?

As it has been such a hot weekend, we have been eating in the garden and the three floral arrangements have been quick to put together and cost nearly nothing. Plus, I have had some lovely compliments too!

I haven't used Oasis, instead arranged the flowers around the leaves to ensure they stay in place. For all three arrangements I conditioned the flowers overnight.

Herbs and Garden Flowers

I really love the scent of garden flowers and herbs which you don't get from shop bought flowers. I love to mix garden flowers simply with herbs to add a scent. Something which grows madly inmy garden is Lemon Balm or Melissa. The scent is lemony and I use it in floral arangements and cooking (want to try candle making next!) Mix it with one single variety of flower to show of the petals and the scent is wonderful!

Queen Elizabeth Roses & Country Garden Daisies

Arrange the leaves in a petal formation so that you can arrange the daisies between them.

Then arrange the daisies...

Arrange the roses still between the daisies and add a lighter green leaf between the roses...

I love it that these beautiful flowers have been created in my garden. I hope I have inspired you?

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