Pizza Pizza (no box in sight!)

Wednesday 8 August 2012
One of the great treats for us when Baby L has gone to bed is to have pizza night. Pizza night now happens on a non-school night and with a hot oven and a bit of planning, we have fresh pizza, made and in the oven - start to finish in 30 mins!!

No pizza box in sight!!
White and Red Pizzas

Pizza does take time but if you start with the dough in the morning, let it rest and kneed it in the evening about an hour before you bake it, you will have a homemade Italian style pizza. Authentic and a fraction of the price of the pizza's in the boxes in the shops.

We took a holiday to Italy a few years ago and I got addicted to these freshly made pizzas and nothing comes close in the shops. They are so doughy and heavy compared to this version. I always make a red (tomato) and a bianco (creamy /cheese based) so we have a choice of flavours.

They only take 15 minutes in a hot oven and then we chop them up and they are ready to go!
It doesn't matter if the dough is not perfectly round, they look better if they are baked just the way you make them - circles, squares - whatever!!!

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