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Thursday, 16 August 2012

New Home Bunting Card

Bunting Card

Keeping things very simple, this new home card was made in less than ten minutes..

What you would need -

Fluted edged card in beige
Satin pearlescent envelope in peach
Satin pearlescent paper in peach
Red ink pad
Silver metallic cord - 5mm thickness
Alphabet stamps
Fancy edged scissors
Pale yellow card
Flower Stamper
Foam pad
Paper glue (or fabric glue depending on the weight of the cord)

Go Create!
  • Cut the bunting using the fancy edge scissors, making eight triangles (one for testing!) to use for stamping. Create the bunting triangles as desired to fit the card front.
  • Test stamping the bunting with a letter to make sure the right pressure is used.
  • Stamp the N,E,W, H,O,M and E.
  • Take the metallic cord and tie a knot in each end of two strings.
  • Stick the bunting letters to the cord and attach to the card using paper glue. If this is not strong enough use fabric glue.
  • Stamp out a flower from your card and attach using a foam pad.
Very simple and cute home-made bunting card for a new home. The choice of card makes this design. Match your bunting papers to the envelope to co-ordinate.

Happy New Home!

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