A Stitch & Bit Here and There...

Friday 24 August 2012

.....Adds a personal touch to a keepsake..

Tonight, after a day of sorting and DIY-ing in the home, I decided to organise my boxes of craft bits. They needed a lot sorting as with little time I tend to throw them all back! Not good! So I arranged the beads from buttons and the ribbons from the clasps...I now have a more organised craft room. I have to admot that I feel more relaxed and organised. I feel better that I can lay my hands on what I need quicker.
But do we need all those little bits? A question my husband often asks. My answer is just a bit of everything! As you never know and here is why...
This picture just shows what we can do with just a little bit of fabric and a few buttons, embroidery thread and off we go!!

Give yourself half and hour with a few pieces from your craft box and see what you can create...??

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