Simple Mint Garden

Monday 20 August 2012

Keep these simple pots by your back door..

Pot up different varieties of mints in terracotta pots by your back door for use in the kitchen. Cut it in the summer and it will grow again and again. I freeze it and dry it out for the winter months. From experience I keep mint in pots as it spreads very quickly and takes over!

I use mint in ...

Mint Teas - pick a few leaves and make a great infusion for those days when you need a pick me up or to settle your stomach. Mint tea with sugar and roasted pine nuts is a great palette cleanser after Moroccan food. Serve in small shot glass style glasses - brew dark and strong.

Moroccan Tagine's are beautiful with a handful of mint leaves added at the end to add depth. Or chop up the leaves and add to pittas with chick peas, yogurt and falefal. Lovely for a summers evening.

New Potatoes - just wonderful with mint and fresh butter added at the end before serving.

Plus the pots are simple to maintain, keep well fed and watered not in full sun.

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