Sewing and Knitting in...Asda?

Friday 24 January 2014
Supermarket Sewing...

embroidery hoops in Asda - yay!!
 Yesterday I was doing the weekly shop with Little L. She was trying to do her best to make it take twice as long, when I found this gem. Suddenly our shopping trip was kind of OK!

I stumbled upon shelves full of sewing and stitchy treasures in Asda,... my local supermarket! Who would of though it? Needles, hoops, beads and Dylon's fabrics paints all in one place. 

We've been able to pick up the odd emergency threads for years in the supermarkets, so if that hem comes down and we need it fixing now, supermarket habby has been a god send. I speak from experience!

And I'm really pleased to see the Korbond Beading kits on shelf too and at only £3.99! They are a great little intro to jewellery making. Stay tuned more jewellery making coming later on today.

oh so pretty beads!

Korbond provided me with some of these cute little bead kits for the goody bags at my Autumn / Winter Crafternoon teas.

The Crafternoon-ers of all ages really loved the packs as sometimes a new craft can be a little scary. 

What I like is that everything is in this little box, handy? I think so!So if any Crafternooners have run out of beads, here is where to stock up...Asda!
OK, so it's not the kind of range you will see in a craft shop but it's a positive step, we can add something crafty to our weekly shop. They even stock sewing machine light bulbs too and let's face it who hasn't had a bulb blow and wishes for a 24 hour sewing shop?
This is not a sponsored post,

Catch you later for my beady news...

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