My sewing time... and my little sewing room friend Bradley!

Sunday 26 January 2014

Well, here is my my Bradley. When I'm sewing away he is mostly in a corner keeping me company (here with a ball of yarn!)

I wanted to write a personal post on when and where I sew, as we all seem to sew alone not in groups. Crafters seem to craft together and sewers sew independently. I am both and sewing can be kinda lonely at times, don't you think?

As I really enjoy the insights into other peoples sewing lives I wanted to share mine.

 I tend to sew in the day whilst Little L is napping or at her pre-school as the daylight seems to be better for me to stitch dark colours and patterns. I've two sewing machines that I use; an Elna and vintage Singer. I love them both! I have to say that I am really lucky have a sewing room which also doubles as a spare room when we have guests.

Before I had my lovely sewing room, I used to sew on the kitchen table which was fine but when we had Little L the space to myself was a god send. I can leave a project half done and on my table - bliss!! And I get sooo much more done.

I do keep my room very clean and Brad is a very clean little boy too and after all a friend to share your sewing with is bliss!

This Sunday has been less about the sewing but more about yes tiding and organising, after several trips to Ikea we are nearly there. 

I am feeling pretty organised about the week ahead as I have big news starting with a E!

See you laters,

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