Saturday, 28 July 2012

It's Saturday Already...

Where had the week gone?  After a shopping trip this morning with Baby L, we settled down the watch the Olympics this afternoon as a family and cheer on Team GB with our London cupcakes!

I am starting to collect some fab bits to make cards and scrapbooks with.  I will post on the blog in a few days my creations!

I found these stickers and accessories in Monsoon, see link. They are really good quality and with a few cutters, gel pens I am looking forward to getting on...

I have some recipes I am working on for you which I am testing on my family and at the moment  also trying to make some curtains for the bedrooms. Plus with lovely weather and the Olympics I look forward to creating whenever I can!!

I hope that you are enjoying my creative posts.... I am thinking of what to write for next week already...

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