Baby Feeding Apron / Sling

Monday 23 July 2012
I didn't come across a feeding apron until Baby L was three months old. You can buy them for about £25 but this one took one hour to make one afternoon when Baby L was sleeping.

I have used it again and again, even taking to Italy with me and using it as a sling to carry her around in in the heat of the day. The most practical thing I made in the last eight months!

Why I love it?
  • The beauty about a feeding apron is that you can see baby down the curved opening at the top but no one can see you or baby. Very discreet. 
  • Baby always has an eye on you as she looks up.
  • You can feed stranding up and wrap the fabric around baby.
  •  You don't need to spend on feeding tops as this is discreet and money saving.

You will need ....
  • A piece of fabric measuring 100 cm x 130 cm in a soft cotton drape fabric
  • Sewing thread (self colour) I always use Gutermann sewing thread
  • 2 x 'D' rings (most haberdashery stores have these)
  • 40 cm corset boning, the plastic version
  • Ribbon or bias trimming for the edge over the boning
Go Create!...

1. Cut out your fabrics

  You will need to measure and out three pieces to the following measurements -

Apron -
 85 x 130cm
15 x 30 cm and 15 x 75cm

2. Stitch the Apron

  Turn all edges except the top in and turn twice and tack. Then over stitch each side and pull the ends through for a good finish. You are left with a rectangle. Press.

3. Stitch the Ties

  These are the ties and tie around the neck to create the curve at the neck line so as you feed you can see baby.

Short Tie - Stitch with the right sides together. Turn and press. You have two raw edges which will be stitches into the top of the apron.

Long Tie  - Take the longest piece and put the right sides together. To create a point at one end by stitching diagonally across the corner. Stitch down the raw edges together. Turn and press. You have one raw edge which will be stitches into the top of the apron.

4. Stitch in the Boning
  Take your boning and centre and stitch with a zigzag stitch to the wrong side of the top of the apron. This will be turned and turned again to create and tidy edge.

5. Stitch the Apron Ties on

  Turn the top of the apron in and tack and press.

Take the short tie and fold double to make a loop then take the D rings and thread through. Tack this 15cm from the top left edge (right side forward) so the tie will be trapped in the seam and the D rings are secure.

Take the long tie and tack the raw edge in top seam 15cm from the right seam. Please adjust to fit your neckline. These measurements worked for me.

You now are ready to top stitch and secure the ties in place. Then thread the long tie through the D rings like a traditional apron.

D rings on the short tie with the long tie threaded through.              

I top stitched around each tie to make it extra durable


And finish with a cute trim...

This trim was actually the tie for Baby L's first towels so keep your eyes peeled!

The apron neck line complete with boning, ties and fancy trim

  A great gift for an expecting mother or a new mum wanting to get out and about with little one.

 To use as a sling

 ....wrap around baby and tuck under babies back and legs. Always support baby under her body.She can look out of the top of the apron at you.

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